PDP Concept Bass Drum Pedals

Don't worry about 'The Wall', they've gone overseas!
3 Feb 17

PDP Pacific Concept Bass Drum Pedals

PDP Concept Bass Drum pedalsWe all know about PDP drums and their connection with Drum Workshop as their parent company, plus we know about their great quality at a lower price-point because of their Mexican manufacturing plant. But there’s going to be a wall and apparently, “it’s gonna be great!”, so those forward-thinking DW dudes have started knocking out some exceptionally good drum gear in China.

Amongst the new PDP offerings from China, come the wonderful PDL Concept Bass Drum pedals in all their chain-drive and Direct-Drive glory! For the price, these Concept pedals offer some great innovations no doubt passed on from mummy & daddy…

  • DW-style spring rocker adjustment
  • Lightweight aluminium base plate w/Anti-slip rubber
  • DW Air Beater w/Felt & plastic sides
  • Memory-locked Beater shaft
  • Retractable Spurs
  • Pedal plate hinge with Needle Bearing
  • XF Extended Footboard (270mm / 10.6")
  • Offset Toe Clamp
  • Dual Base Plate on double version
  • Mass optimized centrical power
  • Side fixing screw

PDP Concept Bass Drum pedals are touted as the current the flagship pedal of the PDP Bass Drum pedal line and having tried them in-store, we can confirm they are as fast and smooth as any contemporary pedals in higher price ranges. So if you’re looking for a great pedal from a company with a pedigree in pedal design, then we invite you to buy one of the PDP Concept pedals and prepare to have your feet blown!