The Return Of DW!

The classics are back in the house

7 Feb 17

DW PedalsADC Drums are pleased to announce they’ve been allowed out of the naughty children’s corner and can now bring to you, their old friend, DW pedals! Yes, that’s right, our fine German friends have welcomed us with open arms and are most happy to be sending DW pedals to Liverpool, keeping their American friends in Oxnard, California very happy in the process!

ADC have had a long relationship with Drum Workshop Bass Drum pedals, both as sellers and as players of their fine products. The boss still has his old DW 5000 pedal from the mid 1980s in a box upstairs in the attic, complete with radius rods, brown 101 beater and a pair of lacey panties that landed on stage one night at the Cavern Club, but he swears were kept for cleaning the moving parts on his pedal…Anyway, DW have come a long way since then and we are very excited to offer the following DW pedals from our humble emporium:

DW 2000 Pedals

Entry level, single chain and very like an early DW 5000, a great way to get on the DW pedal ladder.

DW 3000 Pedals

A mid-range pedal stealing some features from the pro pedals, but still keeping within a realistic price point for the younger player.

DW 5000 Pedals

The original classic DW pedal that started it all; this timeless piece with its iconic red footboard is by far, our favourite DW pedal. Having undergone some subtle changes over the years, we still say the old one is the best.

DW 9000 Pedals

A new departure for Drum Workshop and a range more suited to the heavier drummer who wants a bit more Beef underfoot, but without sacrificing speed or response. An eye-watering price tag for sure, but then again, you’re not buying a bag o’meat from the local Sunday market. Also available in a Longboard option for those guys who are addicted to the need for speed.

Fancy a browse? Then get on over to our DW pedal page and see what you might be tempted to add to your virtual basket.